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Natural French Soaps Bring Provence To Your Home

The region of Provence is a true cultural haven. Since being founded by the Romans over 500 years ago, it has become famous for its exquisite cuisine, brilliant rosé wine, beautiful architecture and of course, for its collection of world famous soaps. Natural French Soaps have been crafted by some of the greatest artisans that Provence has to offer.

There is a wonderful array of great natural soaps from the Provence region of France, such as the wonderful Savon de Marseille (Marseille Soap), that has been crafted in and around Marseille since 1370. That is over 600 years of talented artisans perfecting their craft, to bring you a product that has become famous around the globe for its amazing non-abrasive cleaning abilities and its unmatched hypoallergenic qualities. The Marseille Soap is a dream come true to those who suffer from sensitive skin, and especially for those looking after young children.


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A Beauty Soap Bar For Everyone!

Are you searching for a luxurious alternative to chemical-filled and abrasive over-the-counter soaps?The take a browse through our impressive selection of handmade soaps for hands, face or body, bath or shower. We even have a great range of French soaps gift sets.

We have beauty bars that are gentle enough for infants and toddlers, that are the perfect daily soap for both men and women, and we even have soaps that are specifically formulated to address your complex skincare and beauty needs.

Even if you desire an artisan beauty bar for the sheer luxury and pleasure, we have that too!


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