125g Savonnette Marseillaise (French Market Soaps)

Family-Size Skincare And Beauty Bars!

These are our best-selling handmade French soaps and we have even created a few gift packages, which make it easy to give the gift of our French soap that is personalised for the recipient’s beauty goals.
As with all of our 100% natural products, choose these beauty bars for either the fragrance you enjoy the most or the beauty benefits you are looking to achieve. Our chemical-free soaps are designed to be gentle enough for anyone with sensitive skin, including the little ones in your family. Since they are infused with organic shea butter, they will effectively hydrate as they cleanse.
  • Artisanal vegetable French Soap, certified without animal fat and made in Marseille from rigorously selected raw materials.
  • Tested on friends, not animals
  • A wide variety of colours and scents that will appeal to everyone.
  • Enriched with organic shea butter.
  • Perfumed with quality Grasse fragrances (and essential oils for certain soaps like "Lavender") which are carefully selected and then dosed so that the soap keeps its scent throughout its use or several years if it is not used.
As always, let us know if you have any questions!
100g Donkey Milk Soap
100g Donkey Milk Soap
125g Savon de Marseille Lavande Soap
125g Savon de Marseille Lavande Soap

Lavender French Soap

125g Savon de Marseille Marine Soap
125g Savon de Marseille Marine Soap
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