200g Aleppo Soap

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200g Aleppo Soap with 20% Laurel Oil

...recommended by dermatologists worldwide...

Aleppo soap x 3Aleppo soap (from Syria) is a kind and natural soap, recommended by dermatologists worldwide. Traditionally it’s made from olive and laurel oil, stirred in copper cauldrons and dried for 6 - 9 months. 
The origin of traditional Aleppo soap dates back more than 4000 years. This truly is the ancestor of all vegetal soaps. Aleppo soap is 100% natural and composed exclusively of olive oil, oil of bay laurel, soda and water, according to the traditional recipe. The oil of bay laurel is a precious oil with great virtues.
Aleppo soap is a fatty soap for hydrating and softening dry, vulnerable and sensitive skin. Its pure and vegetable formula is pH neutral. Being rich in olive oil and laurel oil it cleans, nourishes and softens the skin against drying out without being aggressive and is very effective against skin problems: psoriasis, allergies, acne, eczema, dandruff, facial care.
This whole family soap is so mild you can use it to wash your face, body and even your hair. It lathers very well and can also be used as shaving foam.
Extra soft Aleppo soap is ideal for all skin types, from normal to the most sensitive and problematic. It not only cleans, it nourishes, softens and protects skin too.
If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or any other dry skin complaint, try out our “king soap” for dry skin, the Aleppo soap. As mentioned above, this soap is recommended by dermatologists worldwide, and a great remedy for itching skin. Aleppo soap uses olive oil, and laurel berry oils to gently soothe your skin. Try it out, and your skin will heal faster, and feel soft and luxurious in no time!


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Reviewed by VIDISHA , 14/04/18

bought these for my father in law to help with his psoriasis. He says it works beautifully on his skin and he can see the difference already with clearer skin and lesser redness. Also the delivery was superb, timely and personalised responses by Sophie and Ken has made shopping with them a truly wonderful experience.

Reviewed by Rahul , 29/10/17

This is just amazing soap. Its good for the skin and just good for your skin. Must try !

Reviewed by Mrs B, 10/03/16

I have bought this soap for my son's eczema. It brought him some relief yet his skin is still itchy. Probably he needs to continue using this soap.

Reviewed by Jennifer G, 09/10/15

I bought this soap for a friend who has eczema on her fingers as a result of a thyroid condition. She was delighted to get the soap. I haven't seen her for an update yet, but I have no doubt the review will reflect the comments below. I'll update with her opinion....

Reviewed by Nicky M, 11/05/15

This soap is astonishing! I used in the bath for the first time last night (on a flannel) and my skin felt incredible afterwards and I went to bed without slapping on any sticky body moisturiser. I really think this is the most comfortable my skin has ever felt - incredibly clean and soft, and actually 'lighter' (if that makes sense!). Brilliant.

Reviewed by Ann F, 04/02/15

You will not get the best lather so I use a carrier such as a sponge/ schunchie and works brilliantly! This is a fabulous skin conditioner and leave your skin super soft and ‘squeaky’ clean. I swim and love this soap to remove the dry chlorine feeling that is left after swimming. Brilliant!!

Reviewed by Ellen B, 11/07/14

Have used the Olive & Lavender Oval Marseille Soap for many years as I know that my sensitive skin will not react badly to it. Thanks to the blogs on the new website I plucked up courage to try Aleppo soap and am absolutely delighted with it, my skin and hair too feel great. My Granny was right - olive soap is the best!

Reviewed by Mrs J, 07/12/12

I have to tell you when I bought this soap for my son's eczema, I wasn't convinced it would do anything. Now I'm convinced. It's not the best smelling soap, it just smells, well natural. but it has worked a treat for my son. thank you for recommending it to me. I will be ordering some more soon.

Reviewed by Christina , 31/12/69

Aleppo soap just has to be the best for sensitive skin, or skin that feels tight after washing.  No tightness here after washing!  The skin is left smooth and calm and hands are left soft too. You will get some oily deposit round the sink but then you know it's got real oil in it which is why your face will be comfortable. For hand washing, just rub a little bit longer than you would with "normal" soap and you'll find it will lather just as well. Try washing twice for really clean soft hands.

Reviewed by Jane B, 31/12/69

This soap is so good for my itchy patch of psoriasis on my left elbow. I bought it because I had found out about argan oil the week before and was rubbing that in, together with E45 itch relieving cream. Ever since my first shower with Aleppo soap the itching stopped and I have not needed to use oil or cream on the elbow since. And it leaves the skin over the rest of my body soft as well. Lovely smell, nothing perfumed, just the smell of 'clean'.

Reviewed by Lynda H, 31/12/69

Having bought other soaps from Ken, which are absolutely superb, decided to try Aleppo. I do not suffer from any real skin problem, other than it being very dry. I have stocked up on Aleppo; it really is brilliant. No perfume, just natural ingredients. Would recommend to anyone.

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