250g Luxury Oval Soap from Marseille

Handmade in a small factory in the heart of Provence.

These soaps are the same as DOUX French Milled Soap, except they are unwrapped and less expensive.

For over 100 years, machinery and the expertise of the craftsmen have remained unchanged. Today they continue to provide you with the ultimate in luxury soap.

Oval Marseille luxury soap produced by a mixture of oil and soda, is then crushed in granite rollers to ensure softness and smoothness. The mixer thoroughly integrates all the ingredients, (essential oils, grains of lavender, shea butter, etc.). The product is then poured into an extruder to obtain "lumps" of soap. These lumps are then moulded into the oval shape, hand-stamped and labelled, ready for you to use.

    “Several years ago when on holiday in another part of this country, I came across some beautiful soaps and bought two Verbena. when I contacted the shop it had changed hands and they had no idea to what i was referring. For several years I hunted all over the web without success, until one day last year, I had one last try and was thrilled to bits to find Natural French Soap have exactly what I was looking for. It is creamy with a genuine scent. in other words, a very real pleasure to use.” Judy Lillywhite, New Zealand

All these natural, handmade bath soaps are enriched with shea butter, giving an incredible creaminess and the ultimate experience in feel-good pampering. They last a very long time and the fragrance envelopes your bathroom. Furthermore, it doesn't leave 'slush' on your sink or bath.

These beautiful Shea butter soaps are completely biodegradable and have not been tested on animals. Also, each has its particular properties so just click on them to find out more.



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