250g Oval Marseille Soap Lily of the Valley

Size: Aprox. 11 x 6.5 x 4.5 cm
Made in Marseille, France
100% Vegetal
Tested on friends, not animals
Enriched with Shea Butter
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250g Oval Lily of the Valley Soap from Marseille

Enriched with Shea Butter


Lily of the Valley SoapA Beautiful Flower That Produces Beautiful Skin

The beautiful bell-shaped flower Lily of the Valley, produces an essential oil perfect for your skincare and beauty needs. It is the ideal daily soap, which will provide you with the luxurious benefits below.

1. Sweet Scent

If you are looking for a feminine fragrance, our 100% natural Lilly of the Valley soap is an excellent selection. The fragrance is reminiscent of spring—but can be used year-round to remind you of the beauty nature has to offer.

2. Fades Scars

Aside from its delightful aroma, this handmade French soap naturally contains properties that will help to fade scars from minor abrasions, acne, and stretch marks. It will even help to speed the healing time of minor burns and abrasions.

3. Softens And Smooth Skin

Nature truly has all we need, including the hydration you require to achieve soft and smooth skin. Unlike over-the-counter soaps that strip your skin of moisture—our Lily of the Valley soap will hydrate while it cleanses.

If you are looking for a luxurious and feminine, year-round soap that will leave your skin looking healthy and smooth—then this is the soap is for you!



Reviewed by GinaJ , 16/05/17

My grandmother, Daisy was born in 1901. She loved lily of the valley as a flower (she had a great bed of them) and as a scent. She never tired of receiving the tiny little bottles of perfume for Christmas and birthdays. Although not an elegant woman, (she worked all her life in shops and factories), she adored the chic cloud of muguet. When we could afford it as grandchildren we bought better for her.
She even had the perfume with her in her last days, it was a comfort hiding the hospital smell.
This is a lovely soap, kind to my skin and softly, irresistibly perfumed, just like my much-loved grandmother. Sometimes, if it catches me as I pass it, it brings a tear. Mainly it brings a smile of happy remembrance.

Reviewed by Lynn , 11/11/15

This has a lovely scent reminiscent of classic movies, very feminine. If you like floral scents I think you will like this.

Reviewed by Lesley W, 09/11/15

This soap has a real girly scent, very floral. It has a creamy lather which doesn't dry out your skin.

Reviewed by Nicky M, 03/08/15

The fragrance on this soap just keeps giving. The ultimate flowery yummy smell. I gave it to my husband to use, and he gave it back to me. It's a girl's soap and I love it!

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Sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, aqua, glycerine, palm acide, parfum, palm kernel acid, sodium chloride, tetrasodime EDTA, etidronic acid.

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