Le Petit Marseillais Conditioner Damaged Fragile Hair 250ml

Le Petit Marseillais Conditioner Damaged Fragile Hair 250ml

  • Origin: France

  • Authentic: 100% Vegetal

  • Cruelty-Free: Tested on Friends, NOT animals

  • Suitable for Vegan

  • Enriched with Olive Tree Sap and Acacia Milk

  • Ideal for damaged, fragile hair

  • Paraben-free

  • Size: 250ml

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Le Petit Marseillais Conditioner for Damaged Fragile Hair

With Olive Tree Sap and Acacia Milk.

To repair and restore strength to your damaged and weakened hair, Le Petit Marseillais has carefully developed a unique recipe for this the protective & repair conditioner.

A selection of two ingredients harvested under the sun of the Mediterranean basin:

  • The extract of olive sap, a vital liquid from the olive trees cultivated in the Mediterranean and known for its strength.

  • The acacia shrub whose leaves are harvested by hand in the south of France, and then transformed into a creamy milk texture.

Protected and nourished from root to ends, your hair is radiant with health, softer and more beautiful.

Apply after shampoo over the entire length. Let stand 1 minute then rinse.

Its creamy texture and pleasant fragrance provides care and softness to your hair without weighing it down.