Le Petit Marseillais Shampoo Dark Hair 250ml

Le Petit Marseillais Shampoo Dark Hair 250ml

  • Origin: France

  • Authentic: 100% Vegetal

  • Cruelty-Free: Tested on Friends, NOT animals

  • Suitable for Vegan

  • Enriched with Extract of Henna & Nut Oil

  • Ideal for Darker Hair

  • Paraben-free

  • Size: 250ml

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Le Petit Marseillais Shampoo for Dark Hair

with extracts of Henna & Nut Oil

Gives bright reflections and nourishes auburn to brown hair.

With its smooth and creamy texture, this shampoo revives brown highlights and leaves hair soft and bright.

Henna is traditionally used to revive highlights in brown hair.

It is a thorny shrub whose leaves produce colours such as red and yellow used in textile dyeing and for painting the body.

Walnut oil is known for its nourishing properties.