Le Petit Marseillais Amande Douce - 6 x 100g

Le Petit Marseillais Amande Douce - 6 x 100g

  • Origin: Made in France

  • Authentic: 100% Vegetal

  • Cruelty-Free: Tested on friends, NOT animals

  • Suitable for Vegan

  • Enriched with Sweet Almond Oil

  • Soothing and Anti-aging

  • Dermatologically tested, Paraben-free

  • Size: 6 x 100g soaps

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Pack of 6 x 100g Le Petit Marseillais Sweet Almond Soaps.

Le Petit Marseille created these soaps carefully enriched with sweet almond oil, known for its soothing properties.

The sweet almond oil, derived from the fruit of the almond tree is widespread in Provence.

Sweet Almond oil contains essential fatty acids and natural vitamins E, A and others; making it a wonderfully rich, moisturizing, nourishing soap for all skin types.

The almond has an emollient effect, invigorating and above all relaxing. It is highly recommended for treatment of very dry and brittle skin. To be used also against itching, and in case of minor burns and inflammations. Additionally, it has anti-aging properties.

Dermatologically tested, paraben free

Ingredients: Sodium palmate-sodium palm kernelate-aqua-coconut acid-prunus dulcis-glycerin-parfum-sodium chloride-palm acid-palm kernel acid-tetrasodium EDTA-tetrasodium etidronate-BHT-CI 77891.