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Learn French With Sophie


Learn French With Sophie

Hello I am Sophie, co founder of ‪natural french soap‬, with my english husband Ken. I am french and I have decided to teach you the beautiful French language, one word (or phrase) at a time. Enjoy!


DELICIEUX - DeliciousGLACE - Ice creamLAIT - MilkARBRE - TreeTOUR EIFFEL - Eiffel TowerBébé - babyAPPRENDE - learnFrench Word of the Day BONHEUR - HappinessFrench Word of the Day MARIAGE - WeddingFrench Word of the Day AVRIL - AprilFrench Word of the Day AMOUR - LoveFrench Word of the Day - Sieste - NapFrench Word of the Day - Peau- SkinFrench word of the Day PAQUES EasterFrench Word of the Day - Matin - MorningFrench word of the day - Papillon - butterflyLearn French - ecoleLearn French - lunettesPrintemps - springDoucheidée - ideaVentilateur - FanLune - MoonLearn French - SavonLearn French - bainLearn French - MarsLearn French - plaisirLearn French - sourire


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