Poetry Competition 2019

Yes, it’s time for another poetry competition so that we can show off YOUR talent; It doesn’t have to be serious and it can be on any subject you want!

The writer of the best poem decided by our team will win a £50 Natural French Soap Voucher.

The remaining poems will be entered into a draw for a further £25 voucher.

So it doesn't matter if yours isn't the best, you still have a chance to win!

Please send your entry to me directly at sophie@naturalfrenchsoap.com



  • Automated entries, bulk entries or third party entries will be disqualified!

  • The Winner will be chosen by the Natural French Soap team.

  • Winners will be contacted via email: names will be displayed on our website.

  • The Judges decision is final and no correspondance will be entered in to.

  • The competition will run from now until September 30th 2019.

  • Natural French Soap is compliant with the data protection act. Our policy is such that we will not pass on your details to any third party without your prior consent.

Here are some wonderful poems from our 2015 Poetry Competition.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do

Le Petit Marseillais

by Georgia Catino

A French man came to my door
his arrival made me smile.
I awaited his getting here,
it only took him but a short while.

I took him up my stairway
OUI ! Right into my bath.
He made me feel so wonderful
my secret makes me laugh.

I felt him touch my shoulder,
I felt him touch my neck.
I hadn't seen him since Paris,
so I figured "what the heck".

I had never found anyone like him,
I really missed him so.
I looked everywhere for years
but did I find him? No.

I can say he made me feel good
from my head down to my toe,
oh, i guess I better tell you
I'll let the secret go.

It's not a man I talk about,
it's not a long lost love.
It's not what your thinking,
don't mistake what I have said above.

"Le Petit Marseiliais" is what I speak about
I finally found a source, hooray!
You too can smell and feel as wonderful
just get some 'lait de amande douce' today!


Love Your Skin

by Lynne Witham

Smooth and silky

Cool and milky

Fresh and breezy

Lemon squeezy

Gently cleaning

Always pleasing

Pure and honest

No misleading

Flowers and fruits

Milks and honey

Buy Ken`s soaps

For not much money

Love your skin

You`ll always win

With Natural French soaps

So buy some in!


A Terrible Effort

by Ken (NFS)

There once was a soap man named Ken

Who sold on the markets and then

He set up a site

Keeps him working all night

This is a terrible effort by Ken!


My Little Behind

by Cheryl

Without all the lovelies from natural soap
In the bathroom I would just never cope
Even soaps to match my colour scheme
Now that is such a wonderful dream

My favourite has to be the anti-wrinkle
All the ageing signs start to look less crinkled
The best for me being soap rose-honey
My gosh! That is just so worth the money

The soap is so lovely to use on my face
I use it daily with flair and such grace
It's soft and soothing and oh so kind
Even for my little behind

Now get yourself ordering with Sophie and Ken
They will send you your order from their little den
Order a little or a huge amass
Their service is nothing but totally first class


The Best

by Christina Thompson

There once was a couple named Sophie & Ken,

They sold heaps of soap to both women and men


At the markets of France they made quite a billing

But from the World Wide Web they fancied a killing


They sold beautiful soaps in all variations

But now no trips or nice locations


At their desks all hours now spent

Still talking and selling but not from their tent


Up all night with no sweet rest

Still, now all their customers think them “the best” !


Soaps Of France

by Jennifer Gray

Soaps of France -

My romance!

But my cupboard’s empty!

Search online,

That’s just fine –

Nature’s soaps aplenty!


Hello Ken!

This is Jen!

I want to buy your savon.

Not just one –

I’ll take some.

Postage free?  Let’s have ‘em!


Parcel’s here,

Brings good cheer,

Soap all wrapped in tissue!

And what’s this?

Extra bliss –

A hidden gift – well bless you!


But Lily’s boss,

She gives a toss,

And keeps her parents going.

“Update the site!

Each witty bite

Will keep our clients showing!”  


Daily cheer?

You’ll find it here,

And that’s a solemn promise!


Is just the best

From Sophie, Ken (– and Thomas)!