Savon de Marseille Cube - Olive Oil Soap

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€4.95 - €14.00
Size: 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm
Made in Marseille, France
100% Natural & Vegetal
Tested on friends, not animals
Without added scent
Without Pigment
No preservatives
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300g Savon de Marseille Cube - Olive Oil Soap

Authentic Olive Oil Soap from Marseille


Authentic Olive Oil Soap from Savon de Marseille


Extremely gentle...

The handmade Savon de Marseille cube is recommended worldwide for its gentle and moisturizing properties. This long-lasting olive oil soap will leave you with exceptionally soft, smooth and moisturized skin. Don't just take our word for it...try Savon de Marseille for yourself. See why its is revered throughout the world, as the best olive oil soap you can buy.





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Reviewed by Inger-Margrethe J, 03/06/17

My favourite soap bar ever. Good size, nice neutral fragrance and always easy to use even when you haven't used the soap bar for some time. Great soap, great value.

Reviewed by Inger-Margrethe J, 08/12/16

Lovely soap that lasts and stays brilliant from day1, 'til the very last part.

Reviewed by Jennifer G, 01/11/16

I've tried the savon de Marseille..... I ran out of washing powder one very wet day, and decided to try Ken's 'recipe' for using savon de Marseille in the washing. I haven't bought washing powder since, and as well as having lovely clean washing, I've also saved money!! And so I bought some blocks to put in with Christmas gifts. Those who have tried the soap find it excellent. And one Francophile has said that she'll just keep it on the shelf and admire it and let it call up happy memories of France for her! Not one of the main uses, but still a good one!

Reviewed by Cynthia S, 10/06/16

Oh my, what lovely soap! The French have done it again! And Ken and Sophie are so personable. I would like to say thank you to Peter Mayle for introducing me to this product and many others from France in his book "Provence from A to Z". Thanks to him I now know where to buy the best lavender finds and many other things that are so wonderfully French.

Reviewed by Lynn , 11/11/15

This is a great soap for washing hair as well as clothes. Actually it is a really terrific all purpose soap. Highly recommend.

Reviewed by Jennifer G, 09/10/15

I was really excited to get my Savon de Marseiile and finally to try it out instead of detergent in my washing. I did wonder if it would clog up my machine....but that was before I read the advice! The bicarbonate of soda will do the trick! So not only is the soap good, but the site gives all the information needed! Thanks, Ken and Sophie

Reviewed by Kaisa , 11/04/15

This is simply the best soap I've ever used. I use it not only to hands but also to laundry. Actually, this is the only product I use to laundry nowadays. I warmly recommend this!

Reviewed by Stephen R, 31/12/69

Great product and entirely genuine. I am a painter and I find that Savon de Marseille is perfect for cleaning the oil paint from my brushes. It doesn't leave the hairs dry and friable. The site is excellent as is the level of service ,Thank you Ken and Sophie.

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sodium olivate, sodium palmate, aqua, sodium cocoate, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide.

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