Savon de Marseille Cube - Rose Soap 300g

Size: 6.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm
Made in Marseille, France
100% Natural & Vegetal
Tested on friends not animals
Enriched with Shea Butter
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300g Savon de Marseille Cube - Rose Petal Soap

Authentic Soap from Marseille

Savon De Marseille With A Delightful Floral Aroma

By infusing these authentic Savon De Marseille soap with roses, we create a versatile beauty bar! You will still enjoy all of the benefits of these traditional palm-oil cubes, with the beauty-boosting properties of rose. Here is why to consider this handmade French soap.

Rose petals savon de Marseille French Soap

Enticing Aroma

The distinct floral scent of roses is unmistakable. Since natural essential oils and natural rose petals are used, this beauty bar has an enticing but light floral scent.

Youthful & Beautiful Skin

On its own, Savon De Marseille is gentle and ultra-hydrating. Once infused with rose, the combined vitamins and nutrients will work together to minimise fine lines, slow the ageing process and deliver youthful and beautiful skin.

Heal & Repair

Rose is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to heal minor skin abrasions. This handmade French soap is perfect for sensitive skin and can be used by the entire family.

Treat yourself with the luxurious rose French soap today!


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Reviewed by GinaJ , 31/12/69

Surround yourself with the sumptuous perfume of rose petals and the gentle bliss of savon de Marseilles. Just by taking a shower. Skin friendly and luxurious.

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Ingredients : sodium palmate - sodium palm kernelate - aqua - glycerin - parfum - palm kernel acid - sodium chloride - tetrasodium edta - tetrasodium etidronate - mel - benzyl benzoate - citral - citronellol - geraniol - linalool - CI12490

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