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Stain Removal  Savon de Marseille

Suitable for all fabrics, this soap is extremely effective at removing stains (fruit, ink, grease, tar, blood, cola, coffee, chocolate, oil, wine, shoe polish, sauce, egg yolk, grass stains, dirt stains, etc …)

  • It applies to all textiles and clothing (wool, cotton, upholstery, carpet, armchairs, sofas, rugs and car seats).
  • White or colour fabrics (check the resilience of colour on a hidden area of the textile first).
  • Use this stain remover soap for your collars and shirt cuffs, not forgetting canvas footwear .
  • It works on old stains too. Effective on clothes yellowed by time.
  • It de-greases all house-ware and utensils (hob, oven, bathroom, mildew stains).


How to use:

  • Wet the stained area and surroundings
  • Moisten the soap
  • Using a sponge or soft brush, rub to lather the stain remover soap
  • Rub the foam in the middle of the stain.
  • Let stand a few minutes, then rinse by hand or machine.


If the stain is old, repeat the operation. On rust or grass stains, apply lukewarm water with lemon juice beforehand.

In case of eye contact, rinse with clear water. Do not allow children to use. This stain remover soap is a household cleaner, not for body washing (except very dirty hands)

Reviewed by Julia , 04/02/19

I have tried this soap a couple of times, and I simply love it. I got old stains, wine and gravy stains off my tablecloth after Christmas after only one wash. And I got grease stain of a sweater. So simply I’m a big fan and would definitely recommend this soap.

Reviewed by Di , 15/04/17

I haven't had this soap for long and have been using it in the kitchen for cleaning the hob and degreasing pans.
Today I thought I would try it on my walking shoes which are stained with our lovely red Devon soil. (I had tried putting them in the washing machine without success.) I rubbed in the stain removal soap , then put them in the washing machine again. Result!! I have no young children or pets at home so don't get many stains on furniture/clothing for me to try the efficaciousness of this product. But the next time my better half spills his red wine down his front, I know what to reach for.

Reviewed by Gail , 02/01/17

I have tried just about every natural stain remover that exists for handling laundry. The information given for the ox gall soap made sense, so I thought "Why not"? I am amazed. I could see stains lifting even as I was applying the soap. I did not have to rub hard, long - it was easy. And the stains came out - even old stains are gone or are now barely noticeable. No odor. I am sold for always! THANK YOU.

Reviewed by Lynn , 11/11/15

I was curious about the safe removal properties and wanted to try it. So far I have been pleased with grease removal on a linen cloth. Products like this are priceless for those things we want to keep for a long time. Thanks Ken and Sophie.

Reviewed by Jennifer G, 09/10/15

I got the Ox Gall soap for a friend who was in despair about finding a stain remover because she can't use chemical products. She was delighted to receive it! I've still to hear how the stain removal has gone, but have no doubt it will reflect the review below. I'll update....

Reviewed by Anne K, 31/12/69

Hi Ken, I just need to tell you and your customers how fantastic the stain remover soap is. I have had black spots on a pale rug for months, the result of small granddaughter running around with a dripping bottle, also one arm of a dark leather chair had a greasy handmark dried into it that I had been fearful of trying to remove with any sort of chemical cleaner in case I made the problems worse. Well I used the Ox Gall soap on both of them and the stains completely disappeared! I just wish I had taken before and after photo's to show you how effective the soap is. Thankyou for bringing us such wonderful products. Anne

Reviewed by Sally , 31/12/69

Ken, I had been looking for this for months! So hard to find in the States. The stain remover soap cleans perfectly and has no chemical odor. It even gets out old stains that have been washed and dried! and terrific customer service as well, thank you!

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