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Le Petit Marseillais

"Land of scents, land of colours, land of modernism & timeless values​​, land of harmony and happiness"

The wonder is what you should feel when you try the scents of Le Petit Marseillais Soaps.You close your eyes and you're transported into the wilderness, among orchards, fields of lavender in the scrubland, pine forests, citrus orchards or vegetable gardens.

It is a serene invitation to travel with Le Petit Marseillais ® and through the selection and assembly of ingredients and recipes from the South. It is a journey in memory of perfume, a summary of the benefits of nature, of emotion and the "pleasure of the South in all its simplicity. "

Open your eyes now and see the light, in the astonishing quality of the sunlight of Provence, the strength of this huge palette of colors. Le Petit Marseillais ®, since the beginning, has attempted to decipher the strange magic between "ingredients, flavors, colours and containment. "  Le Petit Marseillais ® embodies the values ​​of the South and the Mediterranean (naturalness, authenticity, proximity and "joie de vivre").

With Le Petit Marseillais ®, live in the nature of the South of France.