10 Interesting Results of Switching to Natural Shampoo Bars

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10 Interesting Results of Switching to Natural Shampoo Bars

Your hair is your crowning glory! It's your way of expressing yourself and flirting with Gary From Next Door! It's also high-maintenance and, now you think of it, not looking so hot these days, and why is that?? Maybe it's time you ditched chemical shampoo for something natural and eco-friendly?

Let us show you that "good ways" and "good hair days" can get along nicely. Here are 10 interesting results of switching to natural shampoo bars - pros and cons included.

1. You'll Have Shiny Hair...

... and annoy everyone by doing the shampoo-ad hair-swish. You see, shampoo bars do all the good things that liquid shampoo does (add body and shine) without causing unwanted side effects (like making your hair drier than your mother-in-law's putdowns). They're generally suitable for all hair types and family members too. 

Blond woman washing her long hair with a natural shampoo bar

2. You'll Kick Chemicals To The Kerb

Ever read the back of your shampoo bottle while singing Gaga in the shower? If so, you'll have seen some mind-boggling ingredients. Of those bogglers, SLS is the worst. It's a chemical detergent and foaming agent designed to cleanse the hair and generate lather. But it actually strips the hair's natural oils and irritates the scalp and skin.

Palm oil is another no-thank-you ingredient unless it's sustainably sourced. The Natural French Soap Company's shampoo bars are made without palm oil and contain no SLS.

That woman in the shampoo commercial - she's happy. She's... she's too happy.”

Ellen DeGeneres

3. You'll Be Living The Planet-Friendly Life

That guy with the red and blue shield? Bah! You're a zero-waste hero, which is infinitely cooler, mainly because it doesn't require a Spandex onesie.

Shampoo bars are biodegradable and plastic-free, which means no bottles to the bin and no pump thingies that, annoyingly, can't be recycled. 

4. You'll Stamp Out Your Carbon Footprint...

...or at least reduce it. Shampoo bars have a low carbon footprint because of their small size and lack of hefty packaging.

That means fewer trucks on the roads and reduced emissions in the air. Hey, pollution ruins your hair, you know! 

natural shampoo bars stacked and plastic-free

5. You'll Save Money And Skip Gleefully Past The Shampoo Aisle

Shampoo bars may be small but they have an epic lifespan. With proper care and storage, a shampoo bar can last waayyy longer than liquid shampoo, so they're far more economical. Plus, every blob of a shampoo bar gets used, unlike those drops of liquid shampoo frustratingly glued to the bottom of the bottle. 

6. You Can Cram More In Your Suitcase When You Travel

If decanting liquid toiletries into tiny, useless bottles makes you want to cancel your holiday, you're the perfect candidate for shampoo bars. They're the space-saving, travel-friendly product you can throw in your bag and jet off with.

Some shampoo bars can even be used for washing your body and clothes! With even more money and suitcase-space saved, you can bring home the entire Duty Free stand and that not-at-all-tacky donkey ornament.

7. Your Bathroom Will Become A Spa?

A neat shampoo bar on an eco-friendly soap dish makes a certain statement. It says style, it says serenity, it says the husband's nasal hair trimmer is confined to the cupboard so as not to ruin the aesthetic. Natural and minimal go hand-in-hand and who wants a bathroom full of mismatched bottles anyway? 

Eco, green, zero-waste and plastic-free shampoo.

8. You May Struggle With The Bar To Head Concept

Remember that pat-your-head-and-rub-your-tummy trick that baffled you as a kid (and still does now, if you're being honest)? Well, using a shampoo bar is a bit like that. Rubbing a bar on your head is a little weird, and it takes some getting used to. 

Once you've mastered the art, however, you'll open up a whole new world... population: you, with your fabulous hair. 

9. You Might Wind Up With A Wax Problem

Some people find that natural shampoo bars leave waxy residue on their hair. This is because saponified oils react strangely when they meet water. The good news is, a quick rinse with apple cider vinegar removes the waxy feeling and makes your mane shine. 

10. Remember That Movie Tangled?, Yeah, That Might Be You

If your locks are exceptionally long, curly or porous, you may find that shampoo bars create knots and frizz rather than body and shine. Basically, if your hair usually gets you mistaken for Brian May or an Old English Sheepdog, you might have to sit this one out. 

DID YOU KNOW? Before shampoo, there was soap. Slidall’s Soap was a leading product in the 1880s, used for cleaning everything from hair and body to teeth and toilets. Ah, the good 'ol days!

Natural Shampoo Bars: Yes or Nope?

As with all beauty products, it takes trial and error to find a shampoo bar that works for your hair and aligns with your values. At least if you shop with The Natural French Soap Company, you can trust the purity and eco-credentials of your shampoo bar. 

Et Vous?

Have you already made the switch to natural shampoo bars? Do you have any tips  (pun intended) that you'd like to share?

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