7 Surprising Ways You’ll Benefit from Using Natural Sponges

7 Surprising Ways You’ll Benefit from Using these Natural Sponges

Natural sea sponges have many benefits for your skin and the environment. Inherently hypoallergenic sea sponges are great for those with sensitivities. They have antibacterial properties, which makes them ideal for household cleaning tasks. And since they’re 100% natural, they contain no plastic or toxic chemicals that could harm the planet. 

What are Sea Sponges?

Sea sponges are simple, multicellular creatures that live in the oceans. They pre-date dinosaurs by around 400 million years, but unlike T-Rex and his buddies, they are still alive and kicking today. 

Also, they have many uses around the home, more than we can say for the dinos. Well, have you tried exfoliating with a stegosaurus?

Whether your goal is to take better care of your skin, switch to a natural beauty routine, or reduce waste and save money; consider trading your tatty old facecloth for a natural sea sponge. 

Here are 7 ways you’ll benefit from using natural sea sponges. 

Bathing Sponge - Shower Sponge

#1. You’ll Glow from Top to Toe!

Sea sponges have top-notch exfoliating, circulation-boosting, and radiance-enhancing abilities. Their texture allows for the gentle but effective removal of dead skin cells and dry, flaky patches to give you softer, smoother skin. 

You may be a loofah lover (there’s no denying they give you a satisfying scrub), but you need a multipurpose product for quick showers. 

Sponges exfoliate and cleanse at the same time by turning your soap into a lusciously creamy lather.

#2. You’ll Get More Mileage Out of Your Makeup

Silk sea sponges are a beauty fan’s favourite tool for applying lotions and makeup. Their unique texture results in even skin coverage and a professional-looking finish. 

Swap your foam beauty blender or synthetic brush for a natural sponge and you’ll soon notice you need to apply less foundation. This is thanks to the sponge’s silky texture that creates a flawlessly smooth finish over large pores and fine facial lines. 

#3. Natural Sponges Can be Used by the Whole Family

Your baby has delicate skin, you dislike harsh body scrubbers, and your hubby is secretly the sensitive type. No worries: natural sea sponges are safe and gentle for everyone to use! 

Baby’s bath time will be tantrum-free and you’ll get glowing skin without feeling like you’ve been attacked with a cheese grater. 

As for hubby, well, good luck getting SpongeBob PamperPants out of the bathroom now he’s discovered natural luxury. 

#4. Your Car Will Have a High-Beam Gleam!

Wash and buff your car with a natural sponge; it’ll be the brightest vehicle on the road!

Natural sea sponges get cars gleaming by generating suds that gently remove dirt. Natural sponges are non-abrasive too, so they won’t scratch your fancy-pants paint job during cleaning. 

So break up with the automatic car wash (because that time you left the window open still haunts you anyway) and get your hands dirty instead. 

#5. You’ll Get a Sparkling Clean Bathroom to Impress Your Guests

Sea sponges are naturally antibacterial and antifungal. When washed and dried correctly between uses, they resist odours too. They’re a powerful weapon against muck and mildew in the shower and around the sink. Your taps will be so shiny, they’ll dazzle Mrs Whatsername when she comes round for a nosy. 

#6. You Can Stop Throwing Plastic (and Money) Away

When cared for properly, a natural sea sponge can last for 2-6 years! They’re a much wiser investment than a cheap, synthetic washcloth. 

Not only will you save cash in the long run, but you’ll also reduce the waste you generate. And that means you minimise your environmental impact with virtually no effort. 

#7. You’ll be One Step Closer to Clean, Eco Living

Sea sponges are entirely natural and organic, so they’re great if you strive to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. They contain no plastic, synthetic materials or toxic dyes that could harm the planet. 

Unlike synthetic sponges, they contain no microplastics that can be shed during washing and swept down the drain into rivers and seas. When it comes to bathing, it’s clear to “sea” that natural sponges are best. 

Et Vous?

Have you tried our natural sea sponges? Has your skin/home/car/purse benefitted from these long-lasting, funny-looking clumps of flump? We want to hear your thoughts!


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